Easily build AMAZING websites & sales funnels fast! Clone ANY web page online to use as a drag & drop editor template.


This is NOT just another lame Chrome browser extension
that makes you keep paying for Click Funnels every month!

Web & Funnel Page Cloner

Just enter the URL to clone any web page online in seconds. It perfectly clones pages built with Click Funnels and many others.

Unlimited Website Pages

Easily build a high quality professional website much faster than you'd wait, after paying a developer thousands to do it for you.

Unlimited Lists of Leads

Each funnel has it's own unique list of leads. You can export your leads or send them email broadcasts directly from the system.

Easy to Use Drag & Drop Editor

Just clone any page you want as a template and then change the content with the drag and drop editor. It can't get any easier.

Template Builder & Editor

The system will automatically create a template that you can edit with the drag and drop editor when you clone any page.

Unlimited Sales Funnels

You can create as many funnels as you want. Each funnel has up to 14 pages with lead capture and direct add to cart buttons.

Unlimited Members

Easily build online courses or membership areas with as many pages as you want inside for as many members as you want.

Fully Optimizable Mobile Versions

After the responsive designed templates give you a great looking page on mobile devices, take it a step further and perfect it.

Integrated & Included Cart

Use any payment processor you want. You aren't limited to a couple that aren't very friendly to online marketers.

Integrated & Included Affiliate Tracking

Every page you build has affiliate tracking linked to the cart. The cart will tell you how much you owe each affiliate.

SMS & Email Autoresponders

Each funnel has it's own SMS and email autoresponders. So you can send different follow ups for different campaigns.

Email & SMS Broadcasting

You can send email and SMS broadcasts to all of your leads, or to any specific funnels leads, directly from the system.

Integrated & Included CRM

Keep track of every lead and never forget you needed to follow up with someone. Every lead goes into the CRM automatically.

Integrated & Included Analytics

Live detailed reports of all traffic to all pages on your site with the location of visitors, and how long they were on each page.

Easy Search Engine Optimization

You'll have full access to the source code of each page, along with the ability to quickly and easily edit all the meta tags.

One Click Back Up & Restore of All Pages

Ever lost hours of work because of one stupid mistake? You don't have to worry about that ever again!

What exactly does the web page cloner do, and why do you need it?

Ever told a developer you want a website or sales funnel that looks like "that page" and then waited, and waited, and waited?

Imagine if you wanted to manually copy another page to build a page like "that page" yourself.

This would be the process:

1: Download every image
2: Download every CSS file
3: Download every JavaScript file.
4: Copy the source code and paste it to an editor.
5: Upload all the files you downloaded from the page to your own hosting.
6: Replace the URL's in the source code of each file with the URL of each file that you've uploaded to your own hosting.
7: Replace the URL's in each of the CSS files with the correct URL's for all background images and fonts.
8: Upload the source code as an html file to your own hosting.

This is one big pain in the ass. So you'd probably rather pay someone to do it for you.

But the Clone Funnels web page cloner does all of that for you automatically in seconds. So there is no need to tell someone you want a page that looks like "that page", pay them a lot of money, and then wait.

Just clone "that page" and edit it yourself. It's a piece of cake.

But it does even more...

It also cleans up any bad coding that would make it hell to try to use any editor to edit the page. It perfectly formats it to work smoothly with the included drag and drop editor, or any other editor you want to use.
It also combines every CSS file on the page into one file. To make the amount of files that need to be loaded minimal, which will make your page load faster than the original page.

The cost to clone and build unlimited pages is less than you'd probably pay the cheapest person you can find to build one page for you.

The simplest explanation would be this:

It's by far the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to build a website or sales funnel that looks like any page online that you want it to look like.


  • Installation Included
  • Support Included
  • Daily Back Up Included


  • Installation Included
  • Support Included
  • Daily Back Up Included

Distribute your own custom branded Clone Funnels marketing suites!

Provide clients with your own custom branded marketing suites identical to Clone Funnels, but with your own logo, color scheme, and up to 5 custom affiliate banners that you can change inside your own system. It takes less time to install the software than it does to connect a domain to Click Funnels. You can also charge your clients to set it up for them and build their websites and sales funnels.



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