Faster page loads because you won't be sharing a
website and database with thousands of other users.
Thousands of professional high quality templates
can be imported to your page builders in 30 seconds.
Easy to use drag and drop editor, along with every
other tool you need to market any business online.

Instantly move any page you've already built to your own
hosting with all images, javascripts, fonts, and css styling.

Website, Sales Funnel, & Membership Builder
Replace Click Funnels, Kartra, Kajabi, Builderall, Groove Funnels, etc.
Easy to Use Drag & Drop Editor with Thousands of Available Templates
Easy to Configure Cart that Works with Most Merchants
Powerful CRM & Lead Manager
Email & SMS Autoresponders
Import Any Page You've Already Built

Agency Owner Website & Funnel Builder
Build Funnels for Clients or Provide Them with Software
Stop sending your agency clients to Click Funnels!
Build funnels for each client on your own website.
Provide clients with custom branded software.
Automatic activation & deactivation of client accounts with cart.
Set up to 5 changeable banners in all clients software.

There are thousands of free HTML and bootstrap templates that you can easily install into the software to build the highest quality website and sales funnel pages for any business and niche.


Everything you need all in one system.


Easy to use drag and drop editor.


Build amazing pages with ANY template online.


There are absolutely NO LIMITS!


Clone any web page or template online.


SMS & email autoresponders built in.

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  • Why is it better to have the software on my own hosting?
    When the software is installed on your own hosting, you are the only one that has access to the data in your own database. When you share a database with thousands of other users, the service provider can use the data you generate however they want. They can market their own products and services to your leads, customers, and prospects. They can even market other products and services that compete with yours.

    Your pages load much faster when the browser doesn't have to search a database with thousands of other pages stored in it to find yours.

    You can rank on Google when your content is on your actual website instead of on another website that has a forward or redirect to yours.
  • Can I import the funnels I built with Click Funnels?
    Yes!  You can import all of your Click Funnels pages into the software in seconds.  You can also import any pages you've built anywhere else.
  • What happens to my software if your site goes down?
    If for any reason the Team Funnels site goes offline, your software will still work because it's installed on your own hosting.  You don't have to worry about a popular funnel building site like Click Funnels getting too much traffic, or being attacked.  Your software runs totally independently.  You just won't get the latest updates until the Team Funnels site is back online.
  • Is it hard to install the software on my own hosting?
    We have a three step video tutorial that shows you how to easily install the software on your own hosting. It is very easy to install and takes less than 20 minutes. You can download the software for free and install it on your own hosting before you pay anything. If you have any trouble you can always pay us to install it for you for only $50.
  • How fast will my pages load on my own hosting?
    Unlike almost all of our competitors, we do not store your funnels, leads, and all other data in the same database as thousands of other users. Because you get your own database that has only your own data, your pages will load much faster than any other sales funnel building provider online. One of our competitors claims that his pages load faster because he uses Word Press. That is not true. The main thing that slows down page load speeds is how long it takes to retrieve the data from the database. When there are thousands of users with all of their data all jammed into the same database, the pages of that provider will load slower than pages that load from a database with much less data stored in it.
  • Is the software user friendly and easy to use?
    We have spent over 9 years developing the software to make sure it is not only extremely powerful, but also very user friendly and easy to use. You can easily build the highest quality pages of any funnel building software online because you can easily import any template online that was created by the best designers in the world. Then you can use a very easy to use drag and drop editor to edit the templates to create your pages with your own content. Unlike Click Funnels and all of our other competitors, you aren't limited to the same few templates that everyone else is using. You can have very high quality professional pages that set you apart from everyone else.

If you want a complete custom marketing system with a sales funnel that automatically replicates for unlimited members, you can get a replicating marketing system builder with the same software at